Noticias de Loros


Court ordered liberation of birds in captivity in Colombia
The ruling of the Bolivar Administrative Court says: ¨the Environmental Ministry is ordered to design politics towards the protection and conservation of species in danger of extinction and to coordinate the execution of the same in a time span of no more than three months together with the EPA.¨
According to the lawyer Joaquin Torres, what was attempted to achieve with this lawsuit is to force the compliance of the Codigo Nacional de Recurso Naturales (National Code of Natural Recourses)
, that inclines not to allow a single captive bird within the national territory.




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More than 500 parrots and parakeets confiscated from Nicaraguan
The vehicle entered Honduras from Nicaragua. Birds had been found in a hidden compartment during inspection of a pickup truck, as informed by a special official from the Department of Environment.
The birds had been transported in a truck and introduced into boxes in precarious conditions, which
caused the death of at least 89 animals.
According to the new Forest Law, the detained person, if found guilty, faces a maximum penalty of 5 to 12 years in prison.



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72 citizens arrested in Brazil for smuggling animals.

They trafficked more than 500,000 animals per year.
The operation was carried out in nine Brazilian states in order to dismantle an organization dedicated to trafficking of wild animals. About one thousand animals, mostly birds from the rainforest, were confiscated during the raid.
At least 450 police men participated in the operation that was carried out in 9 Brazilian states.
The police pointed out that trafficking occurs to various nations worldwide.

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Illegal Hunting and Trafficking of Mexican birds
For years the bad habit of over exploitation of native animal and plant life is maintained, people falsely believing in unlimited abundance. Traffickers and hunters are the ones taking advantage.
The illegal trafficking is a booming ¨industry¨ that covers all regions of the world. Operations are prosperous and profitable in nations with great richness of organisms, like in Mexico, which is among the selected group of 12 countries that are rich in organisms, therefore being a mega diverse country.  The profits are between 8 and 10 million dollars per year, a bit below the trafficking in drugs and the smuggling of weapons; nevertheless there is one big difference between the mentioned criminal activities: The illegal trafficking in species enjoys impunity and ¨soft¨ punishments and penalties because it is not considered ¨serious¨.
The products that are offered every year in markets worldwide are:
600 million of tropical fish, 5 million birds, 10 million mammals, 30 million life primates, 2,000 tons of coral, 3 million life turtles, 140,000 tusks of ivory and 20 million plants (among them cactus and orchids) (Fuentes J. 1997). But, where is the consuming market of this transnational industry? It is in rich nations such as Japan, United States and Europe.


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